A Hungarian Franciscan Who Helps Abandoned Children

#5 Father Csaba Böjte A Hungarian Franciscan who helps abandoned children "To free my fellows from the chains of fear and little faith..." “Every child is a message for humanity: God loves us. Raising a child is an encounter with God. Jesus said: if someone adopts one of the smallest, receive myself,” says Father Csaba Böjte, [...]

On Paschal Faith

“Upon those who follow the Lord Jesus, the light of Easter already shines forever” Dear brothers and sisters, good morning! The Gospel of today tells of the third apparition of the Risen Jesus to the disciples, at the shore of the Sea of Galilee, with the recounting of the miraculous catch (cf John 21:1-19). The story [...]

On Closeness and Healing: “Jesus never marginalizes anyone, ever!”

Get close to marginalized people, close the distance until touching them without being afraid to get dirty. This is the “Christian closeness” that Jesus showed us concretely when he freed the leper from the impurity of the disease and also from social exclusion. During Mass at Santa Marta on Friday, 26 June, the Pope asked every [...]