A mother’s tears

Rachel’s tears reflect “the suffering of all the mothers of the world, of all time, and the tears of every human being who suffers irreparable losses”. This was the Pontiff’s message at the General Audience in Saint Peter’s Square on Wednesday, 4 January. Continuing the series of catecheses dedicated to hope, the Pope focused on the [...]


‘God is not absent, not even today, in these tragic situations. ‘ Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning. In the Book of the prophet Jeremiah, Chapters 30 and 31 are said to be those “of consolation,” because in them, God’s mercy is presented with all His capacity to comfort and to open the heart of the [...]

"Faith is victory”

The power of prayer by one with faith was at the heart of Pope Francis’ homily on Thursday morning, 14 January, during Mass at Santa Marta. The Pontiff compared the First Reading to the Gospel passage for the day’s liturgy, pointing out that these tests speak “of a victory and a defeat”. The passage taken from [...]