'Jesus came to save us from death'

Pope Francis on Wednesday reminded Christians that Jesus came to heal us and to save us from death. He also prayed for the over 300 victims of a deadly bombing in Somalia's capital Mogadishu and condemned the terrorist attack that falls on an ravaged tortured nation. He was addressing the pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square for the Wednesday General [...]

Jesus' peace is real and not the world’s anesthetized peace

True peace is not man-made but a gift of the Holy Spirit.  "A peace without a cross is not the peace of Jesus" for it is only the Lord who can give us peace amidst tribulations. This was the central message of the homily of Pope Francis at Mass, Tuesday morning, in the chapel of the [...]

Pope tells Christians to be witnesses of life and hope

Pope Francis on Sunday told the faithful not to remain trapped in the rubble of life, but to rise from the rubble and rebuild their lives with the help of God. The Pope’s words came during the homily as he celebrated Mass for about 70 thousand people gathered in the central square of Italy’s northern town [...]

Damned are those who don't care for the poor and homeless

The parable of the poor man, Lazarus, lying at the rich man’s door, was at the heart of Pope Francis’ homily at the Santa Marta Mass on Thursday morning.  The Pope warned of the risks we run if we have the same uncaring attitude towards the poor and homeless people we see around us today. Reflecting [...]

Clericalism distances the people from the Church

"The spirit of clericalism is an evil that is present in the Church today," Pope Francis said, "and the victim of this spirit is the people, who feel discarded and abused." That was the Pope’s message in the homily at the morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta. Among those taking part in the Mass were [...]

With the tears of father and mother

In the face of today’s disasters, wars motivated by the worship of the god of money, the bombing of innocent people, a humanity which apparently does not desire peace, God weeps with the tears of a father and mother. In relation to this theme, Pope Francis issued a forceful call to conversion during Mass on Thursday [...]

The sickness of indifference

· ​The Pope tells catechists to find new ways of meeting and helping the poor · He calls for an end to the violence that has struck Mexico in recent days Pope Francis assured the “beloved Mexican people” of his prayers “that the violence, which in recent days has even affected several priests, may cease”. At [...]

For a culture of encounter

An invitation to work for “the culture of encounter” in a simple way “as Jesus did”: not only seeing but looking, not only hearing but listening, not only passing by people but stopping with them, not only saying “what a shame, poor people!” but allowing yourself to be moved with compassion; “and then to draw near, [...]

‘To ignore the poor is to despise God’

Pope Francis says that to ignore the poor is to despise God and that the Lord’s mercy for us is tightly connected to our own mercy for others. Speaking on Wednesday morning at the weekly General Audience in St. Peter's Square the Pope also decried the inequality and contradictions in the world as he reflected on [...]

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A name or an adjective

Are we open to others and capable of mercy, or do we live locked up within ourselves, slaves to our selfishness? On Thursday morning, 25 February, the Gospel parable of the rich man and Lazarus (Lk 16:19-31), presented in the day’s Liturgy, guided Pope Francis in a reflection on the quality of Christian life. Referring also [...]

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