March 2016

A Pope of Surprises: Presenting the Faith in the 21st Century

Pope Francis' simple pectoral cross, not of gold Whatever the truth of Pope Francis’ statement that God is a God of surprises, Francis has certainly been the Pope of surprises. And admittedly not all the Church has received these surprises with appreciation. But there is no question that Francis has raised the profile of [...]

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Three Years a Pope: Anniversary Reflections on the Papacy of Jorge Bergoglio

Eucharistic Adoration with Pope Francis Three years into his papacy, Pope Francis has clearly had a unique impact upon the Catholic Church, not to mention the world. But what his legacy will be, no one knows quite yet, for Francis — God willing, even as he approaches 80 — may still be leading the [...]

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The New Film Risen: “About Something Greater Than Hate, Which is Ultimate Love…”

Pope Francis, during his meeting with the cast of "Risen," greets the film's executive producer, Pete Shilaimon, who is interviewed here An Interview with Pete Shilaimon, Executive Producer of Risen (and refugee from Iraq) “A day without death” is the quest of the Roman military tribune Clavius, protagonist of the movie Risen. His desire [...]

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Being Human: Pope Francis Delights Many, Frustrates Some

Pope Francis wears a sombrero during his arrival to Mexico City on February 12 The mid-February trip to Mexico was a tour de force, with millions of Mexicans turning out to greet the Pope. There was a moment of anger, a moment at “the fence” and... a controversial interview The Pope is human. Pope [...]

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After 1,000 Years, the Pope and the Patriarch Meet

Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow sign a joint declaration during a meeting at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, February 12 (CNS photo/Paul Haring) See POPE-PATRIARCH-CUBA Feb. 12, 2016. There is no doubt that the meeting between the Catholic Pope Francis and Kirill, Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow and All [...]

Righteous Judgment: On the Death of Antonin Scalia

Supreme Court justices and family members listen to prayers near the casket of Justice Antonin Scalia at the Supreme Court in Washington February 19 (CNS photo/Jacquelyn Martin, Reuters) A brilliant jurist, he manifested the distinctively Catholic habit of self-criticism, born of humility… The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13 [...]

Antonin Scalia – A Bulwark for Liberty

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is seen in this Aug. 30, 2013, file photo at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington (CNS photo/Nancy Phelan Wiechec) His “originalism” was not just a sound constitutional principle. It was a defense against the encroachin­g abuse of judicial power — like the enforced legalization of same-sex “marriage” [...]

Editorial: We Are Free, and What That Means

Robert Moynihan The great predicament in our modern age is less a belief that we moderns are “like gods” than it is a conviction that we are like animals, ruled by instinct — that we have no free will. But Christian belief is that man is in fact free... The early Church universally held [...]

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Food For Thought

When I first arrived in Rome in 1972 as a young bride, there were no ethnic restaurants except French “Charlie’s Saucerie” between the Colosseum and St. John Lateran, Japanese “Hamasei” near Piazza di Spagna, and the “Cantina Tirolese” near St. Peter’s, a favorite with Cardinal Ratzinger before he was elected Pope. All three are still in [...]

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The Words of Pope Francis: What is True Humility?

In his morning meditation at the beginning of February, Pope Francis commented on King David’s journey from sin to repentance and humble sanctity, saying, “The only path to humility is humiliation.” Humility is becoming a lost virtue in the modern world. Our digital technology seems to make us think about ourselves all the time. But C.S. [...]

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