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“Most subtle campaign to de-Christianize Western culture in 100 years”

Cardinal Gerhard Müller laments the social agenda being pushed by the US, and says of new President Joe Biden: "I cannot support an abortion politician because he builds public housing" By Petra Lorleberg (kath.net) German Cardinal Gerhard Müller. Now retired, he was formerly in the highest doctrinal post of the Church as Prefect of the [...]

America: De-Christianizing the West?

By Christina Deardurff Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks to residents in Kenosha, Wis., Sept. 3, 2020, during a community meeting at Grace Lutheran Church after a week of unrest in the aftermath of the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man, by a white police officer. (CNS photo/Kevin Lamarque, Reuters) The American columnist [...]

From Pius XII to Vatican II: The Hidden History of a Key Church Epoch

Fr. Charles Theodore Murr, in this Interview Concerning His Book on Mother Pascalina Lehnert, Unveils the Mysteries of the People and Events in the Church in the Mid-1900s By Kevin Symonds In this interview, Inside the Vatican talks with Fr. Charles Theodore Murr, author of The Godmother: Mother Pascalina: A Feminine Tour de Force (2017). [...]

Vatican-China Agreement Is Up for Renewal

The Chinese government is stepping up aggression against religion; is the 2018 Vatican-China deal still working? By Christina Deardurff A number of Christian churches in Lu’an were left without crosses (photo from the BITTER WINTER website). Top, the buildings with crosses; second row, after the crosses were removed. Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli [...]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., On Coming COVID Vaccines

A picture of Kennedy and the logo of the group he heads, the Children's Health Defense group By Stefanie Stark, special correspondent for Inside the Vatican. As a family that supports freedom from government force and open debate, how can we condone government violence, censorship, and compulsory medical procedures which the Nuremberg Charter and numerous [...]

Acquitted! Cardinal Pell’s Conviction Overturned

Conviction Overturned: Australian Cardinal George Pell has been released from prison after his conviction on charges that he abused two boys was overturned by Australia’s highest court. Pell here relaxes on the grounds of the Seminary of the Good Shepherd in Sydney April 9, 2020. (CNS photo/courtesy Archdiocese of Sydney) After 409 Days [...]

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