Pope in Colombia celebrates Mass, beatifies 2 martyrs

“Mary is the first light who announces night’s end, and above all, the impending day”, Pope Francis said during Mass on Friday to celebrate the Nativity of Mary and the beatification of two martyred Colombian clerics in Villavicencio. Keeping to the theme of his visit to Colombia, that of ‘Reconciliation and Peace,’ the Holy Father reflected [...]

When Saying ‘He Is a Sinner,’ Ask Yourself ‘And What Am I?’

“How many times we say: “But he is a sinner, he has done this, and that …”, and we judge others. And you? Each one of us should ask himself: Yes, he is a sinner, and I?” Pope Francis observed this during his address at this morning’s General Audience in St. Peter’s Square, while stressing that [...]

Merciful, Tender Love Awaits Us

Reflecting on Prodigal Son, Stresses Merciful Father Awaits Our Return When We Turn Away, Thinking We Are Fine on Our Own Even if we were naive enough to think we could do without God and create distance, His love awaits us for when we return. Pope Francis stressed this during his Angelus address today at noon [...]

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Peace and Reconciliation: "If we do not learn to forgive one another, we will always be at war”

“Words, words, words”, Mina sang in a well-known song. The Pope even repeated the chorus to evoke essential nature of the “Christian way”. It needs no lengthy description but rather revolves around the words “peace and mercy” and therefore, around forgiveness and the ability to forbear one another. In the Mass at Santa Marta on Thursday [...]