Food For Thought

Roman to the core, Aldo Fabrizi (1905-1990) was an Italian actor, director, screenwriter, and comedian, best known for his role as the heroic priest in Roberto Rossellini’s Rome, Open City and as a partner of the Neapolitan actor Totò in a number of successful comedies. Aldo’s exuberant younger sister, Elena, known as “Lella,” also had a [...]

A Restaurant from the Middle Ages and a Lodging in the Center

From the train station at the Pyramid we passed the Pope’s granary and then the fire station, finally arriving in the vibrant Testaccio area of Rome whereupon we came to La Fraschetta di Mastro Giorgio, a type of restaurant modeled on the old fraschette, which started out in the Middle Ages, named after the peasant dwellings in [...]

A Guest House and a Cheap Snack Bar in a Suburban Area of Rome

The Aurelia station (to be clearly distinguished from Valle Aurelia station in the direction of Bracciano and Viterbo), the first stop on the train line from St. Peter’s station to Civitavecchia, is a hub for many pilgrims and students. There are several hotels and university campuses in this leafy suburban area of Rome lying to the [...]

A Bed and Breakfast and a Restaurant in Ladispoli, near Rome

Essential information: Bed & Breakfast La Stazione Via dei Campi Fioriti 30 00055 Ladispoli Rome Cell phone numbers: +39 392 1082601 +39 392 1838348 Fax +39 06 23 31 63 92 Website: Approximate prices per night for room and breakfast. For further information, contact the Bed & Breakfast. Single: 40 Euro ($50) Double: 55 Euro [...]