Pope at Mass: ‘Cost of war weighs on the weak’

Pope at Mass: ‘Cost of war weighs on the weak’ In his homily at Mass in the Casa Santa Marta on Tuesday, Pope Francis reflects on the cost of war, calling it a ‘modern-day flood’ whose price is paid by the poorest among us. Pope Francis compared the Biblical flood of Noah’s time to the many [...]

Pope at Mass: Martyrdom doesn’t make the news

At Mass at the Casa Santa Marta, the Pope comments on the day’s Gospel, saying that the Church is made manifest “in the Eucharist and in good works.” The Church grows “in simplicity, in silence, in praise, in the Eucharistic sacrifice, in fraternal community, where all are loved,” and none are rejected. That was the message [...]

Regina Caeli: On the Suffering in Ukraine

“My thoughts go out to all populations that thirst for reconciliation and peace” On this day that is, as it were, the heart of the Holy Year of Mercy, my thoughts go out to all populations that thirst for reconciliation and peace. I think in particular of the turmoil, here in Europe, of those who suffer [...]

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‘God is not absent, not even today, in these tragic situations. ‘ Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning. In the Book of the prophet Jeremiah, Chapters 30 and 31 are said to be those “of consolation,” because in them, God’s mercy is presented with all His capacity to comfort and to open the heart of the [...]

Suffering, A Crushing Burden…

"The Compassion," by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1897 ...except when it is an expression of love. Then it can sanctify, not destroy us If there is one thing we all dread, it is suffering. A newborn baby will already respond with screams to any discomfort. Many human beings spend much of their lives trying not only [...]

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Reflections on the Family: The Suffering of Children: "Children are never “an error.”

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! We complete today, in the catecheses on the family, the reflection on children, who are the most beautiful fruit of the blessing that the Creator has given man and woman. We have already talked about the great gift that children are; today, unfortunately, we must talk about the “stories of [...]

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