The Vigano Tapes
“The infernal plan to cancel Christianity”
Question #16

Question Number 16: The Revolution in France, the French Revolution, brought about a monumental change in the social and political structure of Europe. It ended the monarchies. It brought in the democracies. We’ve now inherited that revolution for the past 200 years. It appears that now we are on the cusp of a final great revolution which will take us from the idea of democracies or separate states to the idea of a single, unified, global state. Can you comment on this present prospect?

The modern State was born from the political, social, and religious conspiracy of the Masonic sects that wanted to cancel the Kingship of Our Lord, first from civil society by means of the French Revolution, and then from the Church by means of Vatican II. The very concept of democracy and popular sovereignty, in addition to being a deception for the people, originated in an anti-Catholic and antichristic context, in clear antithesis to the power of Sovereigns as a vicarious expression of the power of God over public affairs.

In the Christian order, the Sovereign stands in the place of Christ in temporal matters, and the authority of the Sovereign moves within the limits of the natural law, the divine law, and the positive law that the Sovereign must stipulate. The concept of the bonum commune is tied indissolubly to the natural law and to revealed Truth, and as such it applies in all times and places; while in the modern state the masses decide what is good on the basis of an at-least-apparent numerical majority or, as happens today, in the paradox of a more organized minority that imposes itself ideologically thanks to the complicity of the media and economic potentates.

The infernal plan to cancel Christianity could not leave out the destruction of the Catholic monarchies, as has taken place in the last two-and-a-half centuries. And in the absence of immutable principles that regulate the life of citizens according to Catholic morality, Freemasonry has been able to corrupt entire generations, indoctrinating them in a false concept of freedom, in whose name it has made man rebellious against the order willed by God – hierarchy is a sacred order – and indocile to the Redemption accomplished by Our Lord. Freedom of religion, along with the disastrous freedom of the press and of opinion, also served to insinuate the idea that man is morally free to embrace whatever creed or ideology he chooses, without this choice having any consequence for the eternal destiny of his immortal soul and the destiny of the entire society.

Obviously, these are concepts that after centuries of brainwashing are difficult to understand for the mentality of our contemporaries, above all after Vatican II endorsed them, denying the condemnations that these ideas had merited from the Church.

In this sense, we can believe that the New World Order will organize itself into a synarchy, a single government, in which power will be initially delegated to a small circle and then transform itself into a tyranny that will be headed by the Antichrist. Let us not forget that Satan knows all too well how effective the monarchical system is in the exercise of governance: what he does not accept is that the one who governs should be Jesus Christ by means of his representative, because in this too Satan wishes to usurp the place of the Son of God.

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