The Vigano Tapes
“An unattainable paradise”
Question #15

Question Number 15: Archbishop, what we want to understand is the extent of your condemnation of what we have been taught about the Enlightenment. How can you see it so differently from what our academics and what our entire society has taught us about the glory and the goodness of the French Revolution, liberty, equality, fraternity? Can you make a deep dive into this subject and give us something to enable us to better understand your position?

Like everything that does not come from God, so also Enlightenment thought is mendacious and false, since it promises an unattainable paradise on earth, a human utopia based on an immanentism that contradicts the objective reality of a personal and transcendent God. The principles of the Enlightenment are chimeras: grotesque counterfeits. Masonic liberty is license; Masonic fraternity is a pact between conspirators against God; Masonic equality is a miserable flattening of individuality and a disavowal of the social and religious order. And it is also significant that the same people who propagandize equality also consider membership in the Masonic lodge as a condition of privilege that places them in a position of moral superiority with respect to the uninitiated masses.

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