The Vigano Tapes
“Help these priests with gratitude”
Question #18

Question Number 18: Thank you, Archbishop, for those hopeful words. Now I will ask my final question. You’ve left aside one little aspect. Apart from the pandemic, the vaccines, the health passport, many of the Catholic faithful are concerned about the fate of those communities that are tied to the old mass. What can you say about the fate of these communities and the old way of praying in the Catholic Church which so many are concerned about?

Also in this case, the roaring lion who threatens retaliation and excommunication now has no teeth. The faithful and the priests have understood very well that his threats, his iconoclastic fury, and his now-blatant hatred against the Catholic Mass have revealed him for who he truly is. What can he possibly do to a priest who continues to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice? Suspend him a divinis or even excommunicate him? Throw him out of the parish? Reduce him to the lay state? This will not stop good priests from continuing their apostolate in clandestinity, with humility and constancy. It is not the first time and perhaps it is not the last. And those who have understood what is at stake – eternal salvation – will not allow themselves to be intimidated by the unseemly shouting of Santa Marta.

I also urge the faithful to welcome and help these priests with gratitude, encouraging them not to yield in the face of persecution. I invite the faithful to build domestic altars, around which to gather their brethren in the Faith to feed on the Bread of Angels. The immeasurable graces of the Holy Mass will pour out copiously on our smaller communities, on the Church and on the world. Let us pray that the good clergy may remain faithful to their vocation, so that the lukewarm may find in the divine Nourishment the courage to preach the Word opportune importune [in season and out of season], so that those who have forgotten the value of their Priestly Anointing may convert and amend their ways.

In persecution graces always multiply, spiritual blindness opens up to the contemplation of the True and the Good, and hardness of heart melts into docility to the voice of God.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

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