By John-Henry Westen

Your Eminence, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, with respect and love for your office as a bishop and cardinal, as a pastor called to feed the flock of Christ, it is with great sorrow that I must now speak very strongly to you. I do this as a father of young children, as a member of the lay faithful whose love and concern for his own children and those of others does not allow me to keep silent. On too many occasions recently we have lacked the charity and courage necessary to speak challenging words to our pastors, so that worse evils might be avoided. And so I say…

Cardinal Marx, in the words of St. Paul, you have blood on your hands.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx, you have shown yourself to be a wolf, like those prophesied by the Apostle Paul who come to devour the sheep by speaking twisted things and drawing away disciples after them. (Acts 20:29-30) In his Letter to the Corinthians, St. Paul called pastors like you false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising yourself as an apostle of Christ. (2 Corinthians 11:13)

Your false teachings on abortion, adultery and homosexual acts have perverted a whole generation of Catholic young people.

Many of them now go on to practice abominable acts which cry out to heaven for vengeance, which will imperil their souls and make them suffer in their bodies too, all because you want to twist the truth of Christ for your own benefit.

You want to rub shoulders with the elite of this world.

You talk about helping the poor and yet you spent over 20 million US dollars renovating your residences in Munich and Rome. You speak of care for those with homosexual orientation, yet you encourage the very behaviors that you know lead to AIDS and other deadly diseases and, worse than that, to the loss of eternal salvation. Their blood is on your hands. 

How dare you give a blessing to acts which harm people in their bodies and souls? (…)

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