A tremendous effort is being made to overcome aging and death, even through the harvesting and use of aborted embryoni­c body parts. But the Christian faith holds that true life comes from God and reflects His glory.

Once the human being is untethered from God, he becomes, in very short order, an object among objects, and hence susceptible to the grossest manipulation by the powerful and self-interested… If there is no God, then human beings are dispensable — so why not trade the organs of infants for a nice Lamborghini?

—Father Robert Barron, July 28, 2015 (recently chosen by Pope Francis to be made a bishop), commenting on videos recently made public in which Planned Parenthood officials admit selling “uncrunched” (i.e., intact) body organs of aborted babies for scientific research, one suggesting she might buy “a Lamborghini” with the money

For it was for this end that the Word of God was made man, and He who was the Son of God became the Son of man, that man, having been taken into the Word, and receiving the adoption, might become the son of God. For by no other means could we have attained to incorruptibility and immortality, unless we had been united to incorruptibility and immortality.

—St. Iren­aeus of Lyons, France, Against Heresies, Book V, c. 180 A.D., explaining that human beings can only overcome death through union with and transformation by the very life of Christ, accessible in the Eucharist

The Shekinah is the Divine Presence, the numinous immanence of God in the world… a revelation of the holy in the midst of the profane… One of the more prominent images associated with the Shekinah is that of light. Thus on the verse, ‘…the earth did shine with His glory’ (Ezekiel 43:2), the rabbis remark, ‘This is the face of the Shekinah’ (Avot diRabbi Natan [18b-19a]; see also Chullin 59b-60a). Both the angels in heaven and the righteous in olam ha-ba (‘the world to come’) are sustained by the radiance of the Shekinah (Exodus Rabbah 32:4, B’rakhot 17a; cf. Exodus 34:29-35).

—Encyclopedia Judaica, Volume 14, pp. 1349-1351, defining the Shekinah as that holy presence of God which, in its shining glory, brings life to mankind

Look to him, and be radiant; so your faces shall never be ashamed.

—Psalm 34:5

Robert Moynihan

Robert Moynihan

America now awaits Pope Francis with great hope. But what hope? The hope that his preaching may touch hearts and give guidance. As America prepares to welcome Pope Francis on his first visit to the United States from September 22 to 27, many are praying that he will speak quiet but firm words of wisdom and truth to counteract an enormous flood of shameful folly and falsehood being transmitted daily, seemingly 24/7, throughout the US. Many are hoping that all who hear Pope Francis, both Catholics and non-Catholics alike, may receive clarity from the Vicar of Christ and deeper hope for their future and the future of the country.

The Pope comes at a time when the technological prowess of modern science seems able to provide almost magical power to human beings, from new, instantaneous communications to hopes for cures for diseases, and much else besides. At the same time, the country seems to have lost its moral compass. The Christian principles which once guided the leaders and the people of America seem increasingly forgotten. This has had dram­atic effects, especially in the increasing difficulty in forming and maintaining families, so often broken up by abandonment and divorce, but also in the increasing “loneliness” of daily life for very many, especially the elderly, and in the increasing sense that human life has little worth, so little that it can be thrown away, particularly in the case of abortion, which has now taken nearly 60 million lives since it was made legal in 1973. The June 26 decision of the US Supreme Court to permit same-sex marriage is a further example of this moral confusion. Francis in the past has spoken passionately on each child’s “right” to have a father and mother. Many hope he will defend this right again in America.

In recent days, the country has been deeply shaken by the revelation that officials of Planned Parenthood, which actively supports legal abortion, have admitted that the “intact organs” (kidneys, lungs, etc.) of aborted infants have been “harvested” for sale to laboratories for scientific and medical research.

On July 14, 2015, the Center for Medical Progress, headed by David Daleiden, 26, a Catholic, released a shocking undercover video showing Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, describing how Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted unborn children (like livers) and has its physicians do unlawful partial-birth abortions to supply intact body parts. Days later, a second sting video was released, showing another Planned Parenthood senior official, Dr. Mary Gatter, haggling over how much she would charge for the aborted baby body parts. The country has been horrified by the revelations.

The videos came, in part, because of a devotion to Pope Francis and a respect for his teaching about “going out to the peripheries.”

“Pope Francis’ emphasis on not being closed in on yourself but being willing to go out towards the margins of human experience — in order to bring the Gospel to those margins — was a huge inspiration to me during this project,” Daleiden said in a recent interview. “I don’t think there’s any place more on the existential margins of society than an abortion clinic. I think that when you have a place like an abortion clinic — which is a place where children are killed on an industrial scale — there is almost a sacramental value in bringing a presence to those places. We were there for good, out of love, and to welcome those children for the brief time that they will be in existence before they die. And to be in contact with and pray for all the abortion workers, the abortion doctors who are there. As a Christian, you are part of the body of Christ. So your presence, even in those darkest of places, can bring the presence of Jesus.”

Father Robert Barron wrote on July 28: “I am sure by now that many of you have seen the appalling hidden-camera videos of two Planned Parenthood physicians bantering cheerfully with interlocutors posing as prospective buyers of the body parts of aborted infants. While they slurp wine in elegant restaurants, the good doctors — both women — blandly talk about what price they would expect for providing valuable inner organs…”

So here we are. In the hope of extending our lives, of making medical breakthroughs, we are chopping up and selling the organs of aborted babies.

How low we have fallen! And for what? To extend life by a year, or by 10, or by 100, or even by 1,000 or more years? And then? There will still be death. Even if life were to become endless, it would still not be eternal. It is God alone who can grant us eternal life, by conforming us to His Son, Jesus Christ, and in so doing, causing our faces to become “radiant” with His life.

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