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“Peace be with you, Philomena” by Robert Moynihan


America: Is the United States Seeking to De-Christianize the West? Will we have to choose between American values and Christian ones? by Christina Deardurff, ITV Staff

“Most subtle campaign to de-Christianize Western culture in 100 years” Interview with Cardinal Gerhard Müller, by Petra Lorleberg, 


NEWS/Germany: Vatican’s top ecumenist “astonished” by German bishops’ intercommunion proposal by Catholic News Agency (CNA) with ITV staff

NEWS/Women in the Church: Pope Francis approves allowing women to serve as lectors and acolytes. Reaction by Christina Deardurff 

NEWS/France: Jerome Lejeune. the “father of modern genetics,” declared Venerable by Barbara Curtis of Celebrate Life, with ITV staff

Reflection/Adopting God’s Perspective in a troublous time by Joseph Pearce 


HOLY WEEK AND EASTER by Christina Deardurff

The poverty of the Cross

The kingship of truth 

A mystery and an example 

“Look for the things that are in heaven”


SAINTS/An interview with Angela Coelho, Postulator for the Causes of the Child-Saints, Francisco and Jacinata Marto of Fatima by Barbara Middleton of Detroit, Michigan, USA

YEAR OF ST. JOSEPH/Special indulgences attached to “Year of St. Joseph” by Pope Francis, December 11, 2020, Rome

LATIN/A new Latin institute, the Veterum Sapientia (“Wisdom of the Ancients”) Insitute in Charlotte, North Carolina by John Byron Kuhner, Paideia Institute, Rome 

SCRIPTURE/”No reason for optimism. . .  but every reason for hope” by Prof. Anthony Esolen, Magdalen College, New Hampshire, USA

EDUCATION/Catholic Polytechnic University in Los Angeles Interview by Zenit with University President Jennifer Nolan, Ph.D


Icon/Sts. Joachim and Anna, parents of the Virgin Mary, at the Golden Gate by Robert Wiesner

East-West Watch/A new center for Catholic-Orthodox encounter in Switzerland by Peter Anderson

News from the East/Metropolitan Kirill of Russia honors Vatican Kazan icon by Becky Derks 


Art/In the Eyes of the Beholders: A New Exhibition in Rome by Lucy Gordan

BOOK/Selection from “Lord of the World” (originally published in 1907) by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson

Vatican Watch/A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events: December and January by Becky Derks

People/Bishop in China dies; kidnapped bishop in Nigeria released by Becky Derks

Food for Thought/The “fast-food” forerunner of McDonald’s in Pompeii, Italy by Mother Martha