imgres-2Dear brothers and sisters,

I follow with great concern the situation of tension and violence that afflicts the Holy Land. In this moment, there is a need for much courage and much fortitude to say no to the hatred and revenge and to make gestures of peace. For this, we pray, that God reinforces in all governments and citizens the courage to oppose violence and to take concrete steps to thaw [the situation]. In the current context of the Middle East, it is, more than ever, crucial that there would be peace in the Holy Land: this we ask God and the good of humanity.

At the end of this celebration, I wish to greet all of you who have come to pay homage to the new Saints, especially the official delegations of Italy, Spain and France.

I greet the faithful of the dioceses of Lodi and Cremona, as well as the Daughters of the Oratory. The example of St. Vincent Grossi supports the commitment for Christian education of new generations.

I greet the pilgrims who have come from Spain, especially from Seville, and the Sisters of the Company of the Cross. The testimony of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception helps us to live in solidarity with and closeness to the most needy.

I greet the faithful from France, especially from Bayeux, Lisieux and Sées: we entrust our joys, hopes and difficulties of French families and of all around the world to the intercession of the spouses and now Saints, Ludovico Martin and Maria Azelia Guérin.

I thank the cardinals, bishops, priests, consecrated persons, as well as families, church groups and associations.

And now we turn ourselves to the Virgin Mary with filial love.

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