Francis Says Our Jesus Says to Each One of Us: ‘If I Could Suffer More for You, I Would Do So’

We can be certain that in life’s trials, we will never be abandoned.

The Holy Father stressed this during his weekly General Audience this morning in St. Peter’s Square, as he reflected on Holy Week

Holy Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the Pontiff highlighted, enable us to enter increasingly in the great mystery of our faith: the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Everything in these three days speaks of mercy, because it renders visible the point that God’s love can reach,” he said.

The Holy Father recalled the Evangelist John’s words, ‘He loved his own in the world and he loved them to the end (John 13:1),’ and stressed, “God’s love has no limits.”unnamed-2-740x493-1

A Drama of Love

“The Easter Triduum,” the Holy Father said, “is the memorial of a drama of love that gives us the certainty that we will never be abandoned in life’s trials.”

The Pope also noted how Holy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday each represents God’s service, love, and silence, respectively, and that we, as His disciples, are called to live out these characteristics in our lives.

Let me tell a story

The Pontiff then told the story of a young woman to help faithful better understand the Lord’s unlimited love for us.

“Her name was Julian of Norwich,” the Pope began. “She was illiterate, this girl who had visions of Jesus’ Passion and who then, having become a recluse, described in simple but profound and intense language, the meaning of merciful love.”

“She said this: “Then our good Lord asked me: ‘Are you happy that I suffered for you?’ I said: ‘Yes, good Lord, and I thank you very much; yes, good Lord, may you be blessed.”

“Then Jesus, our good Lord, said: ‘If you are happy, so am I. To have suffered the Passion for you is a joy for me, a happiness, and eternal bliss; and if I could suffer more, I would do so.’”

Our Jesus

“This is our Jesus,” Francis said, “who says to each one of us: ‘If I could suffer more for you, I would do so.’”

“How beautiful these words are!” he continued. “They enable us to truly understand the immense and limitless love that the Lord has for each one of us.”

Pope Francis concluded praying in that in these days, we allow ourselves to be enveloped by this mercy that comes to us and, that while we have our gaze fixed on the Passion and Death of the Lord, we receive in our hearts the greatness of His love.

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