April 2012

The Pope of Peace and Freedom

Pope BENEDICT XVI in MEXICO And CUBA In Mexico, Benedict Calls for a Revival of Faith In a Mexico torn by drug violence, the Pope was forthright: the faith will bring hope Visiting Latin America for the second time in his pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI offered a message of hope for social progress rooted in a [...]

Staying and Eating in Trastevere

Tamara Suites is a bed and breakfast situated in the heart of Trastevere, a few steps from Santa Maria in Trastevere, not far from Piazza Navona and near the Janiculum, which is one of seven hills of Rome where midday is marked by firing a cannon. Trastevere is one of the 22 districts (or rioni) of [...]

Holy Week 2012

Holy Week is the last week of Lent, when we follow Jesus Christ from Palm Sunday, the Sunday of the Passion, to His death on Good Friday in preparation for His Resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday. A major part of Holy Week involves a meditation on His Passion, which is read twice, once on [...]

Vatican Watch – April 2012

February Thursday 16 “FAMILY IS KEY TO NEW GENERATION ROOTED IN GOSPEL” “Europe and Africa need generous young people who know how to take responsibility for their future,” Benedict XVI said during an audience with 80 bishops, priests and other participants attending a joint conference organized by the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar, [...]

People – April 2012

RESTORATION OF THE BASILICA OF SAINT AUGUSTINE IN ALGERIA According to Vatican Radio, BENEDICT XVI will contribute to funding the restoration of Algeria’s St. Augustine Basilica in Hippo (Annaba) which began a year ago. The church stands on a hill overlooking the ruins of Hippo, the episcopal see of that Father of the Church, and was built [...]

“Lux in Arcana” The Vatican Secret Archive Unveiled

For the first time in history, 100 original documents, chosen from the several million and constantly-growing number of diplomas, edicts, manuscripts, codices, parchments, registers, bulls, papal briefs, accounting ledgers, trial records, and letters, usually conserved on some 53 miles of shelves in the Vatican Secret Archive, have left the confines of Vatican City’s Leonine Walls and [...]

The West vs. the Developing World

The Western industrialized nations have spent four generations busily developing all kinds of birth control methods to stop population growth in the world’s poor countries. In this process, they have gone against Christian beliefs and values. But they have also gone against their own interests, rightly understood. Those who embraced the pills and used all those [...]

Catholic Teaching and the Elections

The 2012 presidential election has brought America’s economic crisis into sharp focus. Despite ephemeral gains in the stock market and manipulation of unemployment statistics, the economy continues to stagnate. Growth is limited, by and large, to the financial services industry that shifts around existing wealth, and government, which produces nothing. Ordinary people, unable to gain an [...]

Journey into the Light

Earlier this year, the Pontifical University in Rome held one of its most important conferences ever. “Towards Healing and Renewal” was an international symposium, sponsored by the Vatican, devoted to the terrible abuse crisis in the Church. What made the event so extraordinary is that it was opened, not by a high-ranking prelate but by an ordinary lay woman, Marie Collins, who [...]

Lajolo Sees “Strategy of Confusion” Behind Leaks

The “VatiLeaks” story is a matter serious enough to have merited the creation of a Vatican investigation committee requested by the Pope himself. Until that committee finishes its investigation and issues its report, there can be no official assessment of what is going on here. Clearly, someone — an official, a visitor, an employee, an office [...]

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