Reflections for the Feast of Holy Family

On the Feast of the Holy Family we offer all the members of our own families on the altar for God’s blessing. Homily starter anecdote: Grandparents are a treasure: Pope Francis said that as a child, he heard a story of a family with a mother, father, many children and a grandfather. The grandfather, suffering from Parkinson’s [...]

UN children's agency publishes report on internet and children

The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has published a report entitled “The State of the World’s Children, 2017. Children in a Digital World.” The report examines the availability and impact of the Internet on children across the world. According to the report 79% of children have access to the internet, compared to 48% of the [...]

The atmosphere and space

“Father” is the word that can never be lacking in prayer, because it is “the cornerstone” which gives us our Christian identity”. If we also add the word “Our”, this allows us to feel that we are all part of “a family”. In this way we also avoid “wasting words” or seeking “magic words”, and we [...]

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Reflections on the Family: On "the Promises we make to Children"

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! As the weather forecasts were rather uncertain and rain was expected, today this Audience is made contemporaneously in two places: we, here, in the Square and 700 sick in Paul VI Hall, who are following the Audience on a giant screen. We are all united and we greet them with [...]

Letter #31, 2015: Rubicon

August 12, 2015, Wednesday — Rubicon Introductory note We are just coming out with a special, splendid 132-page Commemorative Edition of Inside the Vatican magazine, welcoming Pope Francis to America. The Pope will visit Washington, New York and Philadelphia from September 22 to 27, after a visit to Cuba from September 19 to 22. At the [...]

Letter #23, 2015: Wounds in the Family

June 24, 2015, Wednesday — Pope Francis on the Wounds in Families “But do we still know what a wound to the soul is? Do we feel the weight of the mountain that crushes the soul of a child, in families in which the members treat each other badly?” —Pope Francis, today in St. Peter's Square [...]

Reflections on the Family: Family Wounds: "Do we feel the weight of the mountain that crushes the soul of a child"

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning! In the last catecheses we spoke about the family that lives the frailties of the human condition: poverty, sickness, death. Today, instead, we reflect on the wounds that are opened in fact within the family’s coexistence. When, that is, harm is done in the family itself -- a most awful [...]

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Reflections on the Family: Education of Children: "The relation between parents and children must be one of wisdom, of very great balance"

Today, dear Brothers and Sisters, I wish to welcome you because I have seen so many families among you. Good morning to all the families! We continue to reflect on the family. Today we pause to reflect on an essential characteristic of the family, namely, its natural vocation to educate the children so that they grow [...]

Reflections on the Family: The Suffering of Children: "Children are never “an error.”

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! We complete today, in the catecheses on the family, the reflection on children, who are the most beautiful fruit of the blessing that the Creator has given man and woman. We have already talked about the great gift that children are; today, unfortunately, we must talk about the “stories of [...]

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Reflections on the Family: Children, "There are so many gifts, so many riches that children bring to humanity"

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! After having reviewed the different figures of family life – mother, father, children, siblings, and grandparents --, I would like to end this first group of catecheses on the family to speak about children. I will do so in two sessions: today I shall reflect on the great gift that [...]

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