Swiss Guard

A Swiss Commandant Departs

In an unexpected decision, the current head of the Swiss Guard was dismissed. Why? Commandant Anrig in 2011 during a press conference. On the front page of the Tuesday, December 2, edition of L’Osservatore Romano newspaper, in the popular column known as Nostre Informazioni (“Our Information”), readers learned that “the Holy Father has arranged [...]

Vatican Watch – June/July

MAY Thursday 1 New commission on abuse prevention A new papal commission for protecting minors from sexual abuse met today for the first time to discuss its mandate and expand input from more countries. Pope Francis established the “Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors” in December. The commission’s May 1-3 meetings are being held at [...]

The Service of a Swiss Guard

Sergeant Stephan Probst speaks about his experience in the Pontifical Swiss Guard, in charge of the Pope’s safety. Serg. Stephan Probst on duty while Pope Francis greets the faithful from his popemobile in St. Peter’s Square before his weekly general audience. Most of the young Swiss men who decide to come to the Vatican [...]

Swearing-in Today and in the Past

There is one day a year when Vatican City and the streets around the smallest country in the world become a little Switzerland. You can hear the German Swiss language with its characteristic accent everywhere. The day is May 6, when new recruits of the Pontifical Swiss Guard swear to serve the Pope “faithfully, loyally and [...]

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