Pope: ‘when we meet the Lord we will bring only what we have given’

Reflecting on the Gospel reading of the day at the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis reminded the faithful that when we meet the Lord we will be called to account for our lives. Addressing the crowds gathered in St. Peter’s Square for the Angelus, Pope Francis on Sunday reflected on the Gospel passage in which the Lord [...]

Modern-day leeches

There is a correct relationship that a Christian should have with money, with wealth. This was the focus of Pope Francis’ reflection during Mass at Santa Marta on Thursday, 19 May, wherein he denounced modern slavery and those who, taking advantage of widespread unemployment exploit people, forcing them to accept unfair contracts. Such traffickers “fatten themselves [...]

“There are three things, three steps that separate us from Jesus: wealth, vanity and pride”

A Christian’s wage is that she bears a “likeness to Jesus”: there is no reward in cash or in power for one who truly follows the Lord, because the path is only that of service and giving freely. If we seek instead “good deal” in worldly terms of “wealth, vanity and pride”, our “head swells” and [...]

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