The Vigano Tapes

The Vigano Tapes
The Decree Traditionis Custodes
Question #4

Question Number 4: In your opinion how does the recent papal decree, Traditionis Custodes, the Guardians of Tradition, fit into what is happening on the global level? In other words, Pope Francis on the 16th of July issued a startling, unexpected decree cancelling the thousand-year-old, old liturgy of the Church saying, we must now have only one liturgy, the one that was written and introduced in the 1960s. Many Catholics were heartbroken because they have a deep connection with the old liturgy. You believe that there’s a connection between this decision of Pope Francis and the preparation of the church to ally itself to this new global order in the Great Reset. Can you explain how the prayers in the Church are related to the Great Reset?

      4. In your opinion, how does the recent Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes fit into the context of what is happening on the global level?

The decision to abolish the traditional Liturgy – which was restored to the Church by Benedict XVI in 2007 – is not an isolated incident and must be contextualized in a broader perspective. Bergoglio acts on two fronts: an ideological one, with which he wants to prevent any expression of dissent with respect to the failure of the new conciliar path; and also a spiritual one, aimed at preventing the propagation of the objective good of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in order to favor those who see in that Mass a terrible obstacle to the establishment of the New Order – Novus Ordo Sæculorum – that is, the reign of the Antichrist. 

It is not possible to believe that Bergoglio does not clearly understand the consequences deriving from his decision, or that he does not realize that depriving the Church of the apostolic Mass is an assist to the enemies of Christ and to the demon himself. It is as if a commander of a division in the height of battle would order his soldiers to fight against tanks using slingshots, laying down the most effective weapons that would enable victory over the adversary. 

I am convinced that the faithful, numerous priests and some Bishops are beginning to understand that the question of the traditional Mass is not merely a simple difference of opinion on liturgical matters, and for this reason they wonder how it can be possible that Bergoglio shows so much fury against a sacrosanct rite that is over one thousand years old, unless he sees in it a threat to the realization of the globalist plan that he supports. By the grace of God, the fate of the Church is not in the hand of the Argentine, over whose remains the Vatican vultures are already hovering. 

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