The Vigano Tapes

The Vigano Tapes
“Trapped in an Impasse”
Question #5

Question Number 5: Archbishop Viganò, you are telling us that the decision to change the liturgy and to abolish the old liturgy does have something to do with this general crisis and the New world order. What should be the reaction of people in the Church to what is happening as the Church seems increasingly to be accommodating itself to a plan organized by people outside the Church?

      5. What should be the response of citizens and the faithful?

We find ourselves trapped in an impasse, a dead end, from which we cannot escape as long as we do not recognize it for what it is. If we think that the present crisis can be solved by addressing ourselves to the civil or religious authority, as if we were in conditions of relative normality, we continue to not understand that the responsibility for this crisis lays precisely in a betrayal carried out by those hold authority. We cannot ask for justice for a wrong we have suffered if the judge who ought to condemn those who infringe on our rights is their accomplice. We cannot turn to politicians, expecting them to revoke the violation of our fundamental freedoms, if they are the very ones voting for these violations in Parliaments because they obey those who pay them or blackmail them. And we cannot ask the Bishops – and even less the Holy See – to protect the rights of the faithful, when Bishops and the Vatican consider our request as a threat to the power they hold and to the bankrupt ideology they defend. 

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