Sara “Winter” Giromin

Sara “Winter” Giromin – A radical ultra-feminist protester is now fighting for the unborn. Her story is remarkable

Sara Fernanda Giromin first made herself known to Brazil and to the world under the alias “Sara Winter” in 2012, when she became the founding member of “Femen Brazil” and led a trio of girls in a number of topless protests that garnered much media attention. However, only three years later, the young activist has done an about-face and has declared war on feminism and abortion, and is apologizing to Christians for her offensive behavior. She has also published a short book detailing the abuse and disappointment she suffered at the hands of fellow feminists.

Giromin’s changing attitudes were first revealed in October of 2015, when she expressed her repentance for an abortion that took the life of her first child, and acknowledged that the recent birth of her second child had changed her attitudes regarding the right to life.

“I have repented of having had an abortion and today I ask for forgiveness,” wrote Giromin. “Yesterday marked one month after the birth of my baby and my life has taken on a new meaning. I’m writing this while he sleeps serenely on my lap. It is the greatest sensation in the world.

“Please, women who are desperate to abort, think carefully about it,” she added. “I was very sorry I did it. I don’t want the same for you.”

In the months that have followed, Giromin has revealed to her readership her disillusionment with feminism and gender ideology, and has repudiated her “bisexual” orientation. She has also expressed re morse for having offended Christians in January of 2014, when she engaged in a wellpublicized same-sex kiss with another semi-nude girl with a cross in the background, in front of the Church of Our Lady of Candelária in Rio de Janeiro. The photo of the two had become iconic in Brazil of homosexual contempt for Christianity.

“Asking for forgiveness is certainly not an easy thing to do,” said Giromin in a YouTube video entitled “I ask Christians for forgiveness for feminist protest.”

“We went way too far and ended up offending many religious and non-religious people,” she added, recognizing the stunt as a form of “blasphemy.” She adds that she is making progress in her own spiritual life, although the exact nature of her current beliefs remains unclear.

A feminist demonstration.

A feminist demonstration.

Her reception by the very Christians she once sought to enrage has surprised her. When they embraced her she said, “I feel extremely happy and welcome. I never imagined that religious people take ‘forgiveness’ seriously. This is a learning experience for all who criticize Christians.”

Although she left Femen in 2013 after denouncing it as a “business,” she had continued her bare-chested protests as the leader of a new feminist group comprised of both men and women, called “Bastardxs” (allowing for both the masculine and feminine forms of the word “Bastards” in Portuguese). She has now made it clear that she regards herself as having no affiliation with feminism at all, repudiating the movement as a religious “sect” that uses women as objects, promotes lesbianism, and covers up pedophilia in its ranks.

The cover of Giromin’s book titled, Bitch, No! Seven Times I Was Betrayed by Feminism. Life-Site News highlighted the word FEMINISMO written on the gun

The cover of Giromin’s book titled, Bitch, No! Seven Times I Was Betrayed by Feminism. Life-Site News highlighted the word FEMINISMO written on the gun

“I believe that the purpose of feminism in disseminating gender ideology is to promote the destruction of the traditional family and all moral values of society,” Sara said in an interview with, adding, “All this, of course, with the excuse of confronting prejudice and homophobia.”

“The feminist movement can harm women in an irreversible way,” she went on. “There is constant harassment of women who disagree with its agendas, ranging from cyberbullying to threats of physical violence and death. Besides encouraging promiscuity, it also encourages taking birth control and particularly the distribution of abortifacients, which may lead women to death.

“For the feminist sect, women are not the inspiration, they are prime matter in the worst sense of the term. They are convenient objects useful for the purpose of inflaming hatred against the Christian religion, hatred against men, hatred against the beauty of women, hatred against the equilibrium of families. That’s what feminism is, and I can guarantee it is like that because I was on the inside!”

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