Rome is host to many international styles of cuisine as well as to all the forms of Italian cooking. In recent years one of the types of food which has increased in popularity is Peruvian. So this time we are taking you to Inka’s Grill, founded in 2006, and located in the Boccea area of Rome, a few minutes’ bus ride behind the Vatican. This restaurant is a place where you can savor the genuine flavors of Peruvian cuisine at reasonable prices in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Peruvian cuisine, like that of most countries, varies from region to region. While potatoes, sweet corn and rice remain the daily staples in the kitchen, the three different climates, due to the vast variety of the geography, also provide variety in the cuisine. Along the coastal region, as expected, the food is based mainly on seafood and shellfish as well as chicken. In the central mountain range, the prevailing cooking style is heavier and more substantial: the meat is served with rice or potatoes and this forms the basic food in this area. In the regions covered by the Amazon Rainforest, the diet consists mainly of fish, such as trout, as well as tropical fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes and bananas. The ingredients of this cuisine can also include exotic wild boar and other local fish and meat. Another very common ingredient in all of Peru is the Aji, a hot chili pepper used to flavor many local dishes.

The interior of the restaurant is furnished in typical Peruvian style, with a lot of wood and orange cloths, and various artifacts on the walls. A good starter would be leche de tigre, or concentrated lime juice, fish, seafood and blended chili pepper, or cebiche de pescado, fish pickled with salt, lemon, onions and Peruvian chili, served with sweet potatoes. You could then move on to a main course like lomo saltado, pieces of veal, French fries, onion, tomatoes and spices served with rice. Or why not try escabeche de pescado, namely fish fillet, onion, Peruvian yellow chili pepper, eggs and olives, served with rice. If you feel like a dessert, the most typical are mazamorra morada, which is a pudding made of Peruvian black corn flour; or else mousse de maracuya, passionfruit cheesecake. They have available Peruvian beer or Inka cola to accompany your meal as well as less exotic options. This type of meal should cost you less than 30 Euro or $40, and will certainly be a new experience!


Blessed Francesco Pianzola (1881-1943), beatified on October 4th, 2008, in the Cathedral of Vigevano, founded the Suore Missionarie dell’Immacolata, Regina della Pace (Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Queen of Peace). The sisters work with priests in catechesis and works of charity; as well as the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience common to religious, they also promise to work with young people. These sisters offer hospitality in their Casa Regina Pacis, located in much the same area as the restaurant we have just described. Their welcoming wish to pilgrims is: “May your stay in this home bring you all good and every grace to accompany you every day of your life.” The pensione is located on the city’s west side, in the Bravetta-Pisana area, not far from St. Peter’s Square by bus or car, in a quiet leafy and residential area. The nuns can accommodate singles, families and groups but only for overnight stays, with breakfast served on request. Single, double and triple rooms are available. All rooms are equipped with private phone and en suite bathroom. For groups who require it, the conference room is equipped with speakers, and is set up for video projection; it can hold 240 people for pilgrimages, meetings and retreats. There is a chapel which gives you the possibility of the celebration of Mass as well as quiet prayer and meditation. There is a dining hall where breakfast is served. A pleasant garden and patio surround the house, and are especially for the warmer months. All facilities are disposed for easy access to handicapped and elderly persons. The private parking lot is free.

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