Open Letters to Pope Francis from prominent American Catholics — and some non-Catholics — expressing their hopes and concerns on the eve of the Pope’s visit to the US

PROFILI-USAThis section features “open letters” from 11 people of note — from professional athletes to Jewish rabbis, from a Catholic businessman to a Baptist African-American social activist — all addressing Pope Francis with goodwill and affection, on the issues that are close to their hearts, and to the hearts of many…

Rock music journalist-turned-Catholic author Dawn Eden hopes Pope Francis will speak the truth about sexuality; Dr. William G. White illuminates the need for Catholic ethics in medicine; Rabbi Arthur Schneier urges Francis to preach reconciliation among peoples, anchored in faith; columnist and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan asks whether the United States can ever be “one nation, indivisible, under God” again.

Finally, contributing editor William Doino, Jr., proposes five themes that he sees as the most pressing needs in a confused, spiritually floundering America — themes Pope Francis has not failed to address in the past — and their “common denominator”: decline in belief in the supernatural, and in our “absolute dependence on the majesty of God.”


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