Pope Francis on Thursday received a delegation from the Church Relations Committee  of the United Bible Societies telling them that “the word of God enlightens, protects, defends, heals and frees.”

Speaking to the delegation Pope Francis began by highlighting the role they play in making “the Bible more easily accessible in diverse languages and in today’s wide variety of communication media.”

He told them that, “we are servants of the word of salvation, which, he added, never returns to the Lord empty.” The Holy Father also underlined the importance of, as he called it,  nourishing ourselves “at the table of the word by reading, listening, studying and bearing witness with our lives.”


                                                                                                    Proclaiming the Gospel 

The Pope stressed to those gathered how vital it is that the Church today goes out to proclaim the Gospel to all, “in all places, on all occasions, without delay, reluctance or fear. We do so, he continued, in  obedience to the Lord’s missionary mandate, certain of his presence among us until the end of the world.”

Testimonies of faith

Recalling the many people who are in prison on account of the word, and the many more who have shed their blood as a testimony to their faith in Jesus Christ, the Holy Father said as Christians, “we are servants of the powerful word of God that enlightens, protects, defends, heals and frees.”

In conclusion, and quoting from Bible passages, the Pope said, “Let us walk together to spread the word. Let us pray together, that the Father’s will be done. Let us work together, that what the Lord has said may be accomplished in us.”
(Lydia O’Kane)  (Vatican Radio)

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