Apostolic Visit

Pope at Audience: Walking together in the richness of diversity

Pope Francis during his General Audience Pope Francis reflects on his recent Apostolic Visit to Romania during his Wednesday General Audience, saying it was a joy to be able to walk as a pilgrim among the Romanian people. June 5, 2019 During his Catechesis at the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis recalled his recent [...]

Pope at Audience: memories of trip to Bulgaria and North Macedonia

Pope Francis at the general audience in Rome's St. Peter's Square on May 8, 2019. (Vatican Media) At this week’s Wednesday’s General Audience in St Peter’s Square, Pope Francis reflects on his Apostolic journey to Bulgaria and North Macedonia. Bulgaria and Saint John XXIII The Pope began by saying how, in Bulgaria, he was [...]

Pope at Mass in North Macedonia: hunger for God, fraternity, encounter

Pope Francis at Mass in Skopje, North Macedonia, May 7, 2019. (Vatican Media) In a homily during Mass in Macedonia Square in the capital, Skopje, on May 7, Pope Francis reflected on Jesus the “bread of life” who satisfies the true hunger of man’s heart and how the followers of Jesus can satisfy this [...]

Pope at Mass in Bulgaria: Communion in the Eucharist

Pope Francis during Mass in Rakovsky (Vatican Media) Pope Francis celebrates Holy Mass with First Communion, in Rakovsky, Bulgaria, and tells the young boys and girls how the Eucharist expresses the communion that makes us all brothers and sisters. The homily was brief and to the point. But, most of all, it was addressed [...]