Christians are always on the go in their journey to meet the Lord

The life of every Christian is a journey and a process during which to deepen the faith. Speaking during the homily at morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta, the Pope reflected on the liturgical reading of the day in which St. Paul tells the story of Salvation leading up to Jesus. During the course of [...]

Be open, receptive to God's gifts

Pope Francis said Mass in the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta on Monday morning. In remarks to the faithful following the readings of the day, the Holy Father focused on the theme of Christian freedom, saying that the follower of Christ is a “slave” – but of love, not of duty, and urging the faithful [...]

Never slaves of the law

The hypocrite’s rigidity has nothing to do with the law of the Lord, but instead it deals with “something hidden, a double life” that enslaves us and makes us forget that being on God’s side means experiencing “freedom, gentleness, goodness and forgiveness”. These are precisely the attitudes of a Christian — who does not need to [...]

A perfect stranger

The Holy Spirit is a perfect stranger, if not “a prisoner of luxury”, to many unaware Christians. Yet he is the one who “moves the Church”, who leads us to Jesus and makes us “real” as opposed to “virtual Christians”. During Mass at Santa Marta on Monday morning, 9 May, of the week preceding Pentecost, Pope [...]

Merciful, Tender Love Awaits Us

Reflecting on Prodigal Son, Stresses Merciful Father Awaits Our Return When We Turn Away, Thinking We Are Fine on Our Own Even if we were naive enough to think we could do without God and create distance, His love awaits us for when we return. Pope Francis stressed this during his Angelus address today at noon [...]

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God Will Make Our Scarlet Sins White Like Snow

At General Audience, Also Warns Corrupt Benefactors That Church Doesn’t Want ‘Dirty Money,’ But Opening of Hearts to God’s Mercy Our sins, even if they are red like scarlet, will be made white like snow. Pope Francis said this during this morning’s General Audience, as he continued his catechesis on Divine Mercy. The Jesuit Pontiff began [...]

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Mamberti on the Freedom of the Church (2013)

Archbishop Dominique Mamberti speaks to the United Nations in New York. Two years ago, Cardinal-designate Dominique Mamberti on January 16, 2013, granted an important interview to Vatican Radio which is published on the Vatican’s website. The interview is a thoughtful discussion of freedom for the Church and for Christian belief in an increasingly secular society, [...]

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