Pope at Mass: Lent is an opportunity to be simple and true

Pope Francis celebrated Mass at the Casa Santa Marta on Friday highlighting the need for believers to be true Christians and shun appearances. Taking his cue from the Book of the prophet Isaiah, Pope Francis condemned all forms of hypocrisy and explained the difference there is between objective and formal reality. Formal reality, the Pope said, [...]

Lent is a time to start breathing again

“Return to me with all your heart… Return to the Lord.” The Holy Father began his homily for the beginning of lent with the words of the prophet Joel, from the first Reading: “Return to me with all your heart… Return to the Lord.” These words, the Pope said, apply to everyone, and exclude no one; “we [...]

"Change Your Heart"

“Using God to cover up injustice is an extremely serious sin”. Pope Francis issued this stern warning against social injustice, most of all the sort caused by those who exploit workers, during Mass on Friday morning, 20 February, in the chapel at Casa Santa Marta. The starting point for the Pontiff’s reflection was the prayer recited [...]

The Fraternal Role: "Brotherhood is a great thing"

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! In our series of catechesis on the family, after having considered the role of the mother, the father and children, today is the turn of brothers and sisters. “Brother” and “sister” are words that Christianity loves very much. And, thanks to the family experience, they are words that all cultures and [...]

Urbi et Orbi Section

Our special Urbi et Orbi section, in which we highlight the spirituality, prayer, customs and practices of our brothers and sisters in the churches of the East, continues... Fresco of St. John Chrysostom. We begin the penitential season of Lent — the season in which we most profoundly enter into the mysteries of Christ’s [...]

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