Top Ten 2022

Top Ten 2022 Archbishop Timothy Broglio

Ten Who Shine Catholics who showed us the good and beautiful in 2022 In this issue, we spotlight ten Catholic individuals who “made a difference” in 2022 –– and beyond. Five of them are members of the Catholic clergy, men whose ordination has deepened and broadened a life-long desire to serve Christ and their fellow [...]

Letter #22, 2023 Wed Jan 18: Top Ten #9

    Letter #22, 2023 Wednesday, January 18: Top Ten 2022, #9: Matt Walsh     Each year we choose 10 people we feel are exemplary is some way for their witness faith, their hope, their charity — the three are related.     Among our choices was Matt Walsh, 36.     This young man has become very controversial in our "post-Christian" [...]

Letter #19, 2023 Tues Jan 17: Top Ten #10

    Letter #19, 2023 Tuesday, January 17: Top Ten 2022, #10: Bishop Jude Arogundade     Each year we choose to honor 10 people who were exemplary for their faith, hope and love during the past year.     For 2022, we did the same, publishing the profiles of the "Top Ten" in the January-February issue of Inside the Vatican [...]

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