The Vigano Tapes
“Decades of Systematic Cancellation”
Question #10

Question Number 10: Archbishop, you are sketching for us a dramatic confrontation between good and evil. You are speaking of God and the devil. I was wondering if you might go into a little more detail, instead of these sort of overarching antagonists on a colossal scale. What can you see in our history, actual facts in recent years, and even recent centuries, which led us to this war over the fate of humanity, the identity of man, the goal of human life, and leads us to this stark contrast which you see us facing today?

      10. What are the powers that pull the strings of this assault on Western civilization and Christianity?

The answer is far too simple. First of all, as Christians, we know that this epochal war is waged by Satan, the enemy of mankind. Behind the workers of iniquity there is always and only him, a murderer from the beginning. It matters little whether the cooperators of this plan are pharmaceutical companies or high finance, philanthropic organizations or Masonic sects, political factions or corrupt media: all of them, aware of it or not, collaborate in the work of the Devil.

Sin, disease, and death are the unmistakable mark of his work. Sin, disease, and death – not as an evil to be healed, but as a wicked response, as the only alleged remedy to bring life and the material and spiritual health of men. Indeed, as a normality for those who no longer live in the economy of Redemption, but in the slavery of Satan who wants to make the effects of original sin irreversible and the Sacrifice of Christ ineffective. To the point that the healthy have come to be considered as potential sick people, as plague-spreaders, as propagators of death; and vice versa, the vaccinated – who are contagious – as the only people presumed to be healthy. To the point that the clergy themselves dare to put the health of the body before the duty of administering the Sacraments and celebrating Mass: the abject cowardice of many priests and Bishops, during the recent lockdowns, has brought to light a desolate picture of timidity, indeed of betrayal, and of a lack of faith among the members of the clergy which shows, if ever it were needed, the proportions of the damage caused by the conciliar revolution.

Because this is the absurdity of what we have seen happening for a year and a half: the response to a seasonal flu has consisted in the prohibition of effective treatments and the imposition of experimental therapies with new gene technologies which, while not curing the consequences of the virus, cause genetic modifications and side effects, heart attacks and myocarditis, deaths of people otherwise healthy or who could recover with the treatments available. And to this is added, like an infernal ritual, the use of a gene serum made with aborted fetuses, as if to renew the human sacrifices of the pagans with a new twist of health, propitiating the coming New Order with the lives of innocents. And while Christian Baptism cleanses the soul of sin and makes us sons of God in its sacramental character, the satanic baptism marks those who receive it with the mark of the Beast.

How Catholics are able to undergo the vaccine as a sort of satanic baptism without any scruple of conscience remains a question to which an answer must be given. Certainly, decades of systematic cancellation of Faith and Morals in the faithful, in the name of a dialogue with the world and with modernity, have allowed souls to lose all supernatural reference, allowing themselves to be dulled by a formless sentimentality that has nothing Catholic about it. The castration of souls took place at the moment in which the Christian certamen [combat] against the world, the flesh and the devil was perverted into an indecorous retreat, indeed into a cowardly desertion. Once soldiers of Christ, many now found themselves to be effeminate courtiers of the adversary.

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