Letter #3, 2017: Trump? Francis Waits

January 22, 2017, Sunday — On Trump, Francis Waits On the dangers — and need for — populist movements Pope Francis has granted another long interview, this time to two Spanish journalists writing for the daily El Pais of Madrid, Spain. The interview was conducted on Friday, January 20, in the Domus Santa Marta, where […]

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“The Christian Faith Is Not an Idea But a Life”

10.10.2012 Vaticano, Piazza San Pietro. L'Udienza Generale con il Papa Benedetto XVI.

An unexpected and thought-provoking interview with Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI A new book containing an extensive interview with Pope Emeritus Benedict has been published in Italy, entitled Through Faith: Doctrine of Justification and Experience of God in the Preaching of the Church and the Spiritual Exercises, by Jesuit Fr. Daniel Libanori. The volume contains the […]

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Letter #18, 2016: Corrected Emeritus Pope Benedict Text

March 21, 2016, Monday – Corrected Emeritus Pope Benedict Text A few lines left out This letter is to correct an oversight in my Letter #16 of March 17 which was entitled “Emeritus Pope Benedict Grants an Interview.” I translated the text from Italian into English during the night between March 16 and March 17. […]

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Letter #16, 2016: Emeritus Pope Benedict Grants an Interview

On Deember 8, 2015, after Pope Francis (left) passed through the Holy Door in St. Peter's Basilica, Emeritus Pope Benedict followed, helped by his personal secretary, Archbishop Georg Gaenswein

March 17, 2016, Thursday — Emeritus Pope Benedict Grants an Interview on Justification and God’s Mercy “What the human person needs for salvation is the intimate openness to God.” —Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, in a 2015 interview with Jesuit theologian Father Jacques Servais. The interview was conducted during 2015 for a book on the doctrine […]

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Being Human: Pope Francis Delights Many, Frustrates Some

Pope Francis wears a sombrero during his arrival to Mexico City Feb. 12. (CNS photo/Gustavo Camacho, Presidency of Mexico via Reuters) See POPE-MEXICO-WELCOME Feb. 12, 2016. Editors: editorial use only.

The mid-February trip to Mexico was a tour de force, with millions of Mexicans turning out to greet the Pope. There was a moment of anger, a moment at “the fence” and… a controversial interview The Pope is human. Pope Francis demonstrated that in Mexico, as he does wherever he goes, and most people find […]

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“The crowds, the joy, the ability to celebrate…”

Pope Francis opens the Holy Door as he begins the Holy Year of Mercy at the start of a Mass with priests, religious, catechists and youths at the cathedral in Bangui, Central African Republic, Nov. 29. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) See POPE-BANGUI-MERCY Nov. 29, 2015.

  Pope Francis told reporters he is well aware that God is a God of surprises, but he had not been prepared for what a surprise his first visit to Africa would be. Obviously tired, but equally content, Pope Francis told reporters he prayed in a mosque in Bangui, Central African Republic, and rode around […]

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Letter # 5, 2015: Editorial

February 5, 2015, Thursday — The Peril the Pope Fears “I advise you to read it.” —Pope Francis, to the Vatican press corps, during a press conference on the papal airplane on January 19, flying back from the Philippines, referring to the novel by the British Catholic convert from Anglicanism, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, The […]

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Pope Francis: “This Is My Treasure, This Is My Futu­re, This Is My Love”

Pope Francis answers questions from journalists aboard his flight from Manila, Philippines, to Rome.

During his flight back from the Philippines, Pope Francis gave a wide-ranging interview on gestures of love he saw, on the scandal of Church worldliness, on Ebola, and on his future plans… Speaking to journalists aboard the Monday, January 19, flight from Manila to Rome concluding his Asian pilgrimage, Pope Fran­cis discussed what he had […]

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Italian Vaticanist Lucio Brunelli on the secret of the tenderness of Pope Francis

“He makes clear and sacrosanct observations: for example, that we make a big fuss over a small dip in the stock markets, but we have lost the capacity to cry over refugees who die at sea, and we merely shrug when homeless people or drug addicts die: these are unwanted scraps of humanity in a world where money rules over all...”

As Pope Francis passed the end of the first year of his pontificate on March 13, at least six books and four television series and films about him appeared. What has changed with the arrival of this “Pope from afar”? And in what areas has he made the greatest impact? Lucio Brunelli, the Italian state […]

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Interview with Pope Francis during the return flight from the Holy Land


INTERVIEW OF POPE FRANCIS WITH JOURNALISTS DURING THE RETURN FLIGHT FROM THE HOLY LAND Papal Flight – Monday, 26 May 2014 Father Lombardi: We thank the Pope very much for being here. After so exhausting a journey, he has been willing to meet us. So we’re very grateful to him. We have organized ourselves – […]

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Pope denounces “idolatrous economies”, defends Pius XII…

Henrique Cymerman.

On June 9, the day when illness forced him to rest, Pope Francis granted a long interview to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. The full text was also made available by the website Il Sismografo. The interview was carried out by a Portuguese journalist, Henrique Cy­merman, who is a Middle East correspondent for La Vanguardia, Antena 3 and […]

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The recollections of Pope Benedict

On November 2, 2005, a few months after his election as Pope, Benedict XVI knelt in prayer before the tomb of Pope John Paul II on All Soul's Day.

We publish below extracts of a recent interview Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI gave to Wlodzimierz Redzioch in which he pays tribute to the newly-canonized Pope John Paul II. The complete interview appears in a book just published in Italian entitled Beside John Paul II — Friends and Collaborators Speak (Ares 2014). The interview, one of 21 with the late Pontiff’s close friends and associates, runs to 12 pages in total. It is entitled: “It Became […]

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Letter #10: The Gaenswein Interview


  “I can tell you a nice story. Pope Francis granted a lengthy interview to Jesuit Padre Spadaro who is the director of the most important Jesuit magazine Civiltà cattolica in August, which was published too, so after Padre Spadaro had given Pope Francis the first issue of this magazine, the Pope gave it to me telling […]

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Pope Francis’ Corriere della Sera Interview


English translation of Pope Francis’ interview with Ferruccio de Bortoli that appeared March 5, 2014 in Corriere della Sera. “In an Interview with Corriere della Sera, Bergoglio Talks About His Revolutionary First Year at the Head of the Church”   “The truth is that I do not feel nostalgia for Argentina”   One year has gone […]

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“Never Be Afraid of Tenderness”

Christmas: "It is the encounter with Jesus. God has always sought out his people, led them, looked after them and promised to always be close to them.

In this exclusive interview, Pope Francis speaks about Christmas, hunger in the world, the suffering of children, the reform of the Roman Curia, women cardinals, the Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR), and his upcoming visit to the Holy Land.  “For me Christmas is hope and tenderness….” Francis talks to La Stampa and Vatican […]

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Recognition of the Holy See’s Progress

René Bruelhart. (CNS photo) 
In the circle, Msgr. Antoine Camilleri, Undersecretary for Relations with States.

Interview with René Bruelhart, director of AIF, the Financial Information Authority of the Holy See, on the good results of recent financial reforms.  René Bruelhart is the Director of the AIF, the “Financial Information Authority” of the Holy See/Vatican City State, and was a member of the Holy See Delegation led by Msgr. An­toine Camilleri, […]

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“When Benedict Played a Maltese Christmas Carol For Us”


“To contrast Popes with each other reduces them be­cause one loses the beautiful aspects and the significant characteristics of their personalities.” Monsignor Alfred Xuereb speaks from personal experience. For al­most six years he served as one of Pope Benedict XVI’s personal secretaries, and since March of 2013 he has been at the service of Pope […]

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Jean-Pierre Grallet: Archbishop of Strasbourg

“I wanted to be a priest like our parish priest. It wasn’t until I was 23 years old, after I’d graduated from seminary in Nancy, that I decided to become a Franciscan...”

You were born in 1941. Do you have any memories of the Second World War? Archbishop Jean-Pierre Grallet: My first memory dates from 1944. My whole family took refuge in a bomb shelter in the cellar of our house because British planes were bombing the Germans. Since I was a small child, I didn’t understand […]

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Background of an Election

Michael Hesemann, German historian and writer, greets Pope Benedict XVI.

Interview with Michael Hesemann, author of Papst Franziskus: Das Vermächtnis Benedikts XVI. und die Zukunft der Kirche (“Pope Francis: The Heritage of Benedict XVI and the Future of the Church”). In July 2013, Michael Hesemann’s book Papst Franz­iskus: Das Vermächtnis Benedikts XVI. und die Zukunft der Kirche (“Pope Francis: The Heritage of Benedict XVI and […]

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Pell Dismisses Traditionalist Leader’s Attack on Pope

Pope Francis greeting a woman.

In this interview, the Australian cardinal comments on the meeting of the Council of Cardinals with Francis, the reform of the Curia, and Lefebvrist leader Bishop Fellay’s attack on the Pope. The Australian Cardinal George Pell, one of the eight cardinals whom Pope Francis has chosen to advise him, agreed to talk about their historic […]

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