March/April 2023 Benedict XVI

    Our Special “Benedict XVI” March-April 2023 issue is a keepsake edition covering the life of Joseph Ratzinger, the boy from Catholic Bavaria who became a Pope, from his birth through his death at age 95 on the last day of 2022. We cover his life and landmark work as a professor, his long tenure as a cardinal and head of the Church’s doctrinal office, his Papacy and extraordinary abdication of his office, and his final decade as the unprecedented “Pope Emeritus” – all with our signature style and incisive commentary.

Table of Contents

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A Holy Man, A Remarkable Intellect, Pope Benedict XVI’s Life Spanned The Transition From The Pre- To The Post- Vatican II Church

A Life for the Church by Robert Moynihan

Part One 

He was born into a family of modest means, but also of deep-rooted faith 

The Early Life of Joseph Ratzinger by Federico Lombardi

“We learned what it means to have a firm grasp of faith”

“This was a time of interior exultation” Excerpts from the Ratzinger Brothers’ Memoirs

Part Two
Professor Ratzinger

The “Progressive” Theological Movement Gradually Left Him Behind –– in the Arms of the Church 

A Brilliant Professor Meets the Wider Theological World by Federico Lombardi

A Difficult Friendship by Pablo Blanco Sato (

At its heart: An encounter with the man Jesus by Robert P. Imbelli

Joseph Ratzinger on the “Catholic Idea of Sola Scripturafrom Benedict’s “Commentary on Dei Verbum, Articles 8-10”

Part Three
Doctrinal Head

The Great John Paul II Chooses the Brilliant Theologian to Help Him Steer the Church

“Most Trusted Collaborator” by Federico Lombardi

The Ratzinger Report (1985) on Bishops and “Collegiality”

A New Catechism for the Catholic Church

Part Four

The Shy German Professor is Elected the 265th Pope 

“Live Starting from the Center” by Federico Lombardi

“The Cardinals Have Elected Me…”

A Consistent Defense of Tradition Over 40 Years by Peter A. Kwasniewski

Part Five

Benedict XVI Shocks the World by Resigning 

Benedict Shocks the World and Resigns by Federico Lombardi

In His Own Words: Benedict XVI on his Resignation

“Vatican II proved not only meaningful, but necessary”

Spiritual Testament: “Stand firm in the Faith!”

Part Six
Death and Legacy 

The Lord’s “Humble Servant” is Called Home, Leaving Behind a Rich Spiritual Legacy

“Lord, I Love You”

Benedict XVI: The Scholar Pope by Tracey Rowland

An Appreciation by Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM, Cap.

The Last Latin Pope? by John Bryon Kuhner

“Music is God’s Gift” by Maestro Aurelio Porfiri

Benedict XVI and the Turning of the Tide by Joseph Pearce

Benedict XVI Made Me Who I Am by Tom Hoopes

The Marian Vision of Benedict XVI by Robert Fastiggi, Ph.D.

The Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI: The Holy Face by Paul Badde

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