Pope Francis on Sunday described the feast of the Most Holy Trinity as an occasion to celebrate God’s love for all of us.

Speaking to the faithful in St. Peter’s Square for the Angelus Prayer, Pope Francis remarked on the Feast we celebrate on the Sunday after Pentecost saying it calls us spread God’s love throughout the world.

He said that the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity highlights the mystery of God, Jesus Christ, who is One in the communion of three Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Remarking on the liturgical Readings of the day help, the Pope said “they help us to understand that rather than wanting to reveal to us that He exists, God wants us to know that He is “with us”, that He loves us, is interested in our personal history and takes care of each of us, starting from the smallest and the most needy”.

“He is God up there in heaven, but also down here on earth” he said.

Underscoring the closeness of “the God of Love who created the universe and generated a people, became flesh, died and rose for us” he said the Holy Spirit transforms all and leads to fullness.

The Pope reflected on the reading of St. Paul whom, he said, “personally experienced this transformation brought about by the God of Love.” He said Paul tells us of God’s wish to be called Father – “Daddy” – with the absolute trust of a child who abandons himself into the arms of He who gave him life.

The Pope said the Apostle also says that the Holy Spirit, acting in us, ensures that Jesus Christ is not reduced to a mere character of the past, but that we feel close to Him: “He is our contemporary and we experience the joy of being children who are loved by God”.

Finally, he said, in the Gospel, the Risen Lord promises to remain with us forever and it is precisely through his presence and the strength of his Spirit that we can carry out with serenity the mission that he entrusts to us: to proclaim and witness his Gospel to all, to spread our communion with Him and the joy that derives from it.

Pope Francis concluded his catechesis urging the faithful to celebrate the Feast of Most Holy Trinity which invites leads us to contemplate the mystery of a God who ceaselessly creates, redeems and sanctifies, always with love and out of love.

“From the beginning He has chosen to walk together with humanity and form a people that are a blessing for all nations and for all people, no one excluded” he said, urging all believers to go forth with the saving message of God’s love that relieves sins, heals the wounds of the soul and gives salvation.

By Linda Bordoni

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