UK minister: Dialogue and respect to combat religious intolerance

Lord Ahmad met with top Vatican officials and addressed a conference at the Pontifical Gregorian University ‘Why it matters to be intolerant of intolerance’ was the title of a conference held at Rome’s Gregorian University this week, highlighting the need for closer cooperation in the fight against violent extremism. Key speakers at the event were [...]

Pope Francis in flight press conference: full text

Pope Francis on Saturday en route to Rome following his visit to Myanmar Bangladesh held his traditional in flight press conference. Among the topics of discussion were the Rohingya people, nuclear arms, globalization and future travel plans. Greg Burke: Thank you, Holy Father. First of all, thanks. You have chosen two interesting countries to visit. Two [...]

May God disperse all plans of terror

· May God “disperse every plan of terror and of death, that man no longer dare to shed the blood of a brother” · This was the heartfelt hope with which Pope Francis recalled the “carnage Thursday evening in Nice, which cut short so many innocent lives, even many children”. Greeting the numerous faithful, including a group [...]

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Father Bernard Ardura on the Complexities of Freedom

Father Bernard Ardura. Interview with Father Bernard Ardura on the events in France and the question of freedom and its limits... Born in Bordeaux, France, 66 years ago, Father Bernard Ardura has been head of the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences since late 2009. As Committee Head, he has recently been concerned with such [...]

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Marcello Pera, on his friendship with Joseph Ratzinger

Italian Senator Marcello Pera with then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Though not a Christian believer, Pera agreed with Ratzinger that Europe needs to rediscover its Christian soul or risk losing all. Who is Marcello Pera? A seventy-one-year-old Italian philosopher and politician, known for his friendship with Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, which began during Pera’s years as president [...]