Il Cantico – A welcoming oasis in Rome

The chapel. Opened on October 4, 2012 “Il Cantico” ( is probably the newest hotel in the area on the via Gregorio VII-Trastevere side of St. Peter’s Basilica. Located on a quiet residential side street at Via del Cottolegno 50, it’s five city blocks from “La Vittoria” and St. Peter’s Square — a 10-minute [...]

Vatican Watch – March 2014

Tuesday 7 Pope Francis Phones a Convent Pope Francis today made a personal telephone call to a small community of nuns in southern Italy. “My congratulations because you answered right away,” the Pope told Sister Maria Gonzalez, the 48-year-old Guatemalan mother superior of the St. James Major monastery of Palo del Colle in Bari. “When I [...]

The Pope’s Radical Call to the New Evangelization

During a recent visit to the United States, I was repeatedly impressed by how deeply Pope Francis has penetrated the national conversation on a whole range of issues. His special gift of expressing direct care for each and all has resonated strongly with many in my homeland. At the same time, I noted a certain questioning [...]

Cardinal Burke reflects on Pope Francis

“In the face of a galloping de-Christianization in the West, the new evangelization, as Pope Francis underlines, must be clearly grounded in Christ crucified who alone can overcome the world for the sake of its salvation.” —Raymond Cardinal Burke, February 21 article in Rome Cardinal Raymond Burke. “Pope Francis has clearly reaffirmed the Church’s [...]

Benedict XVI’s Resignation and Francis’ Election

 Vatican journalists look back on an extraordinary year in the history of the Catholic Church, the year of the “two Popes”. Last year in Rome we were all discussing an extraordinary event: the resignation of Benedict XVI. We were trying to understand why this had happened and how it would affect the future of the Church [...]

ECUMENICAL DIALOGUE and the Ministry of Peter

Pope Francis greatly desires to bring all believers in Christ closer together, to overcome the divisions of past centuries. He sees the role of the successor of Peter in that work as critical... January 25, Ecumenial Prayer Service, St. Paul's Outside-the-Walls: Orthodox, Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist and other Christian representatives present read some of the prayers, [...]

“One Must Care for Life from the Beginning to the End”

Homily of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, at the Mass in honor of the Patron Saint of Pregnant Women, San Ramon Nonato (St. Ramon, the Unborn) (August 31, 2005) St. Raymong Nonnatus Being Fed by Angels, by Eugenio Caxés, 1630. When you listen to what Jesus says: “I am sending you [...]

Pope Francis and the Gospel of Life

In the world this year, and even among the faithful, there has been a certain confusion and uncertainty over the teaching of Pope Francis on moral issues, in part because the media has distorted or taken out of context some of his words. On life, let’s set the record straight... When the history of Jorge Bergoglio’s [...]

Pope Francis, Year 1 – Photo Special

March 12, 2013, St. Peter’s Basilica. Holy Mass for the Election of the Roman Pontiff celebrated by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Dean of the College of Cardinals. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio seems pensive — perhaps he is beginning to be aware that the task will fall to him... During the past 12 months, Francis has [...]

Pope reforms Vatican finances

Pope Francis in an informal meeting with Vatican employees. Pope Francis, on the eve of his first anniversary as Pope, has decided to bring an Australian cardinal, George Pell, to Rome to be the chief executive officer in charge of all Vatican financial matters. Pell will take up his new post in Rome at [...]

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