March 2012

The Relationship at the Root of Our Faith

Holy Father, Cardinal Sodano, my brothers in Christ: Sia lodato Gesù Cristo! [“Praised be Jesus Christ!”]   It is as old as the final mandate of Jesus, “Go, teach all nations!”, yet as fresh as God’s Holy Word proclaimed at our own Mass this morning. I speak of the sacred duty of evangelization. It is “ever [...]

Benedict XVI Creates 22 New Cardinals

US Cardinal Edwin F. O’Brien receives a red biretta from Benedict XVI on February 18. On February 18, in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI created 22 new cardinals from 13 countries — including three from the United States and Canada — placing red hats on their heads and calling them to lives of even greater [...]

The US Bishops Draw a Line in the Sand

In the United States, a bitter battle broke out in between the Church and the government on January 20, when the US Department of Health and Human Services issued new guidelines requiring most religious institutions to pay for health coverage even if they find aspects of it morally objectionable, including contraception. The US bishops drew a [...]

Changes in the Consistory Rite

Until now, the ceremony of creating new cardinals has been regulated by liturgical norms established by Paul VI in 1969. What did these norms prescribe? Monsignor Guido Marini: Under Paul VI, consistorial rites took on a simpler and more austere form than they had had under previous pontificates, though retaining their essential features. In fact, the [...]

The Latin-rite Patriarch Calls for Fasting for Peace

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, “Grace and peace be with you all!” We read in the Gospel that “Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights.” (Mt 4:2) This fast very likely took place in the desert region four kilometers northwest of Jericho, on a mountain named “Quarantena” (or Quruntul in Arabic). In the 12th [...]

The New Evangelization Is to Re-Propose the Gospels’ Message

Pope Benedict, in his speech for the bishops of your region, noted that “essential components of the new evangelization” are “catechetical programs at every level” to respond to “the need for an engaged, articulate and well-formed Catholic laity endowed with a strong critical sense vis-à-vis the dominant culture and with the courage to counter a reductive [...]

“The New Evangelization Needs Joseph!”

Pope Leo XIII Pope Leo XIII taught, with the full authority of a papal encyclical, that the entire month of March should be devoted to Joseph. He urged the Church to give even greater solemnity to Joseph’s Feast on March 19, to promote greater devotion to Joseph among all the faithful throughout the entire [...]

Economics From a Catholic Perspective

“At first I thought I would write about ethical issues in economics, but my first article was rejected by my editor. He said to me: ‘If you want to write about morality, this is the wrong newspaper! I want articles and comments of a technical nature!’ From that day I changed my way of writing. And [...]

The Longest Economics Textbook

Fr. Heinrich Pesch The longest economics textbook ever written is a five-volume work in German by a Jesuit priest named Heinrich Pesch. It contains 3,969 pages as it appeared in its final edition. Published in several editions between 1905 and 1926 by the distinguished Herder publishing house in Frei­burg, Germany, it is entitled Lehrbuch [...]

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