The Vigano Tapes
“How the church has changed”
Question #11

Question Number 11: Your Excellency, once again you have shocked us with your polarizing language and your dark tones with reference to the terrific dangers that you see facing us today, referring to castration, referring to poisoning by medical means. Let’s shift the conversation just a bit to look more closely on your area of true expertise, which is the life of the Church. You were a leading Vatican official. You were close to Pope Paul VI, to Pope John Paul II, to Pope Benedict and also to Pope Francis. What do you think has happened to the Church that has place the Church today in such a weak position, vis-à-vis its tradition and vis-à-vis the secular world in general?

      11. What are the principle problems that the Church must face today?

The smoke of Satan entered the Church more than sixty years ago with the Council, and I would say even earlier: the revolution of Vatican II was possible because it was prepared and organized in the smallest details, for decades, by traitors who had infiltrated into the Roman Curia, dioceses, universities, seminaries, religious orders. A work of infiltration that has found the highest levels of the Church inert and unprepared, intoxicated by the winds of novelty, inadequate in the face of the challenges of modern society, suffering from a sense of inferiority that has led them to believe that they are behind the times and out of fashion. And this, we must recognize, finds its main cause in the lack of a supernatural vision, in having neglected the life of Grace for the benefit of a dissipated activism, of an apostolate which is sterile precisely because it is not nourished by prayer and not nourished by Charity, which is the love of God.

The same thing happens today, in the face of a pseudo-canonical overpowering with which illegitimate limitations are imposed on a rite which, even if only considering its antiquity, is in itself exempt from any possibility of abolition.

The problem of the conciliar church – which as I have said several times is superimposed over the Church of Christ as the moon covers the sun during an eclipse – is that it has wanted to come to terms with the world, when the Gospel teaches us that our destiny is to be hated and persecuted by the world: “If the world hates you, know that it hated Me before you” (Jn 15:18). “If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you too” (Jn 15:20). “A disciple is not superior to the teacher, nor a servant superior to his Lord” (Mt 10:24). The conciliar Hierarchy has succumbed to the temptation to choose the easy way of dialogue, rather than courageously walking the way of the Cross, and this has led it to renounce the proclamation of the Gospel, adulterating it, adapting it to the spirit of the world. Let us not forget that Satan is called the “prince of this world” by Our Lord (Jn 12:31 and 16:11).

And yet, faced with the colossal failure of this alleged “conciliar spring,” one insists with tetragonal obstinacy on a path that has proven to be suicidal. If Vatican II had at least increased the number of the faithful, one could criticize its method but at least recognize its numerical, if not qualitative, benefit. Instead, the so-called “opening” of the Council has not converted a single separated brother, causing the abandonment of an exorbitant number of faithful. Those who remain in the Church today have a knowledge of the Faith that is almost always full of gaps, incomplete and erroneous; their spiritual life is poor if not completely absent; and the state of Grace is annihilated and neglected.

Where is – I ask myself – this resounding success of Vatican II, on the basis of which we should continue on the path it has taken, after having abandoned the royal road that the Roman Pontiffs followed until Pius XII? Even a human evaluation would be enough to understand the failure of the conciliar ideology and the need to repair the mistake made.

And we must ask ourselves – perhaps mercilessly, but still honestly and realistically – if the alleged renewal was nothing more than a pretext, behind which was hidden the lucid and malicious intention to destroy the Church of Christ and replace it with a counterfeit: an intention certainly not understood or shared by the majority of Bishops, but which emerges clearly and evidently in the action of a few organized and efficient traitors. It is no coincidence that they speak of the old religion and the old mass, in contrast to the new conciliar religion and the new reformed mass. That furrow, which they have deliberately dug using the Council as a plowshare, today shows itself to be real, as a discrimen that separates what is Catholic from what is no longer Catholic, who is Catholic from who no longer wants to be.

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