The Vigano Tapes
Enlightenment or… Endarkenment?
Question #13

Question Number 13: Your Excellency, many, many people believe that the Enlightenment led to a great opening of the human mind. They feel that it was a wonderful advance in human history. It is only a few who have critiques of that period and they base it on a religious basis, like yourself. But can you lead us through your understanding of what happened in the Enlightenment that causes you to consider it virtually an Endarkenment? What forces were playing a role? You have spoken to me on other occasions of the group called Freemasonry and of their interest in bringing some of these changes about. Can you discuss this?

Freemasonry is the mystical body of Satan, because Satan is the entity that it adores at its highest levels of initiation. The “illumination” which it promotes to its members consists in subjecting them to the cultic worship of a Great Architect, which shows his infernal features only when one is no longer able to turn back. The Enlightenment, like other philosophical movements, was the cultural and ideological instrument with which Freemasonry corrupted the European elites and mobilized the masses to rebellion against the authority of Sovereigns and also the authority of the Roman Pontiffs. The numerous encyclicals condemning the infamous sect demonstrate the wisdom of the Church and the lucidity of the judgment of the Popes, just as they reveal the infiltrations and complicities of the conciliar Hierarchy.

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