The Vigano Tapes
“In no way can we accept”
Question #9

Question Number 9: Your Excellency, once again, you are speaking in very dramatic terms about people being used as guinea pigs about humans becoming chronically ill due to the health measures being taken and you are asking for us to resist what you call a type of new totalitarianism. But how could we really come to a united conclusion about the threat we face with so much inability to understand the true facts and to know really what our position truly is? What do you suggest?

      9. Could you give us an example, Your Excellency?

I believe that it is important to open people’s eyes, showing them the deception we are facing. It is a deception based on false premises, artfully created and imposed in a dogmatic way, to legitimize false solutions that have already been planned and implemented.

The pandemic was intended to impose a social control that under normal conditions would have been rejected with disdain by the masses, but which, thanks to media terrorism and the complicity of doctors, politicians, magistrates and law enforcement agencies, could be introduced in many nations and even in the ecclesiastical institutions themselves: in Santa Marta [the residence where Bergoglio lives] one cannot eat at the cafeteria without a green pass, and in many Catholic schools and universities the vaccine is required of all staff and students. Soon they will ask us for the vaccine passport in order to travel, to enter public offices, to vote and to go to church.

I want to be very clear on this point: without understanding the dimension of the problem, without recognizing its authors and discerning its aims, we will never be able to get out of it. Because the Lord, in order to come to our aid, wants us to recognize the evil that oppresses us and understand what causes it, in order to then be able to ask Him for forgiveness and do penance. And the cause of this hell on earth is having abandoned God, having denied Him in His temporal and spiritual Lordship, having usurped the crown to give it to the Enemy. When we understand that the present society, in its delirium of being able to trample on the Cross of Christ, has made itself a slave of Satan, only then will we be able to invoke God’s mercy and implore His intervention.

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