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To Walk with Our Fellow Men and Women Who Suffer

A child is present in the Synod Hall The Synod of Bishops on the Family opened with a Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica on Sunday, October 4, with an eloquent homily by Pope Francis, then began its actual work on Monday, October 5. At that first morning session, Cardinal Peter Erdo of Budapest, Hungary, [...]

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Three Cities, Three “Spheres”

The Pope will visit Washington, Philadelphia and New York. Can Americans renew the “all-encompassing Christian life”? Pope Francis Visits the US Three cities in the United States will receive Pope Francis during his first visit here as Pope; for whatever reasons the Holy Father chose them, they are in some sense emblematic of three [...]

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The Liturgy as a Window to Another World

A Prize-Winning German Writer Explains why the Traditional Mass is so Beautiful and so Important By Martin Mosebach Holy Mass and Modernity When it became apparent in the early 1950s that television sets would soon be in many households, German bishops deliberated about whether it would be wise to allow or even promote television broadcasts of [...]

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HOLY WEEK with Pope Francis

Pope Francis uses holy water to bless the crowd at the start of Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter’s Square on March 29, a week before Easter. By Laura Ieraci (CNS) The Vatican’s office for liturgical celebrations, headed by Msgr. Guido Marini, released this schedule of events that Pope Francis presided over during Holy [...]

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Pope Francis Receives Bishops of Ukraine, Backs Peace Plans

Pope Francis receives bishops of Ukraine. Pope Francis on Friday, February 20, met with the Bishops of Ukraine, who were in Rome for their ad limina visit. The Bishops were led by Major-Archbishop Sviatoslav Shev­chuk of Kyiv-Halych, the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church; and by Archbishop Mie­c­zyslaw Mokrzycki of Lviv of the Latins. In keeping with [...]

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Pope Grants Interview about His Safety, Politics…

Italian journalist Alver Metalli. Jose Maria "Pepe" di Paola of Buenos Aires, Argentina. A religious procession, a brainstorm session and a few glasses of wine led a group of residents gathered in a shantytown on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to come up with a plan to interview Pope Francis. It [...]

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A Brief Pontificate?

In a candid interview with Mexican television, Pope Francis says his pontificate may be short... Pope Francis during the interview with Mexican television. When Pope Francis went out onto the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica for the first time, he said he did not prepare what he was going to say, but “I felt [...]

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A Voice for Voiceless Christians

Throughout large areas of the Middle East, the radical Islamic movement ISIS is killing innocent Christians. The Pope has now said that force may be used to stop this violence. Pope Francis in deep thought. Pope Francis in recent weeks was again one of the only world leaders willing to give a voice to [...]

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Will Some Resist the Pope’s Vision for the Church?

Pope Francis. Vatican observers tended to feel that Pope Francis set out his “overall vision for the Catholic Church” during the homily he delivered at Mass for 20 new cardinals on Sunday, February 15 (note: not the less-commented-on, but for this reason perhaps equally important homily he delivered on February 14, when he created [...]

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Homily of His Holiness Pope Francis

ORDINARY PUBLIC CONSISTORY FOR THE CREATION OF NEW CARDINALS HOLY MASS Vatican Basilica - Saturday, February 14, 2015 Pope Francis. Dear Brother Cardinals, The cardinalate is certainly an honor, but it is not honorific. This we already know from its name — “cardinal” — from the word cardo, a hinge. As such it is [...]

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