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An Appeal to Pope Francis by Robert Moynihan


Papal advisor Cardinal Marx asks to resign, and the Pope declines…by Robert Moynihan and ITV staff


GERMANY/Dispute over homosexual blessings continues by CNA with ITV staff

HOLY SEE/Reform” of Benedict XI’s Latin Mass directives imminent by CNA with ITV staff

HOLY SEE/Archbishop Arthur Roche replaces Cardinal Sarah at Liturgy Office by ITV staff 

July/August 2021
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ESSAY/Bishop Athanasius Schneider on the meaning of the Mass Layout by Giuseppe Sabatelli 


HOLY SEE/The world and the Church meet at fifth Rome health conference by Christina Deardurff 


Sr. Margherita Marchione/The world’s #1 defender of Pope Pius XII dies at 99 by Robert Moynihan 


INTERVIEW/Are the Holy Fire phenomenon and the Shroud of Turin related? by James Bertrand, expert investigator of the Shroud of Turin 

SAINTS/St. Josaphat, feast day November 12 by ITV staff 

EDUCATION/“A College in the Making” — St. Athanasius in Illinois by Timothy H. Bratt, Board of Directors Manager for the new college

LATIN/The Vatican poems of Iosephus del Ton by John Byron Kuhner 

YEAR OF SAINT JOSEPH/Jesus’ first 30 years on earth by Mark Drogin 

SCRIPTURE/Hidden and revealed: the poetry of Scripture by Prof. Antony Esolen

LAY ACTION/Catholic lawyers join global prayer for China campaign by Jane Adolphe and Marcela Szymanski 


The Message of the Icon/Birth of the Theotokos by Robert Wiesner 

East-West Watch/The Jesus Prayer by Peter Anderson 

News from the East by Becky Derks 


Art/Laura Bosetti-Tonatto: The world’s leading maker of marvelous perfumes by Lucy Gordan 

Lord of the World/ “I welcome you, my son…” by Robert Hugh Benson

Vatican Watch/A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events: May and June by Becky Derks 

People/Monks protect Eucharist; Cardinal Cassidy dies at 96 by Becky Derks

Food for Thought/Basil in food, history, religion, poetry and paintings by Mother Martha