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The New Year and New Hope by Robert Moynihan


A New Year with St. Joseph: A year to honor the Patron of the Church by Catholic News Agency (CNA), with ITV Staff


VATICAN: LOOKING INTO THE NEW YEAR/What will 2021 bring? by Christina Deardurff 

VATICAN AT CHRISTMAS/Pope Francis to the Curia, and on Christmas Eve…by Pope Francis

INTERVIEW/”We will not back down!” Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco by Jan Bentz, Inside the Vatican Staff

NEWS/Australia: Where did all the money go? by Hannah Brockhaus Catholic News Agency (CNA)

DOSSIER/Synodality: What role will it play in the Church of the future? by Christina Deardurff


PEOPLE OF THE YEAR/Good people acting with courage in a very difficult year by Christina Deardurff

1. Dr. Johan Ickx, scholar of Pope Pius XII’s role in helping countless Jews 

2. Cardinal George Pell, freed from prison after an unfounded conviction

3. John Moorehouse, a dedicated editor, family man, and man of God 

4. Aya Naimeh and Georges Assaf, bringing relief in Lebanon

5. Agnes Chow, Joshua Wong, Ivan Lam, Jimmy Lai, courage in Hong Kong

6. Dr. Jane Adolphe, a lawyer devoted to justice and the faith

7. Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, a good soldier for the Church

8. Amy Coney Barrett, a mother, woman of faith, and Supreme Court Justice

9. Michael Nnadi, a kidnapped seminarian in Uganda, martyred for his faith 

10. Abigail Shrier, author of Irreversible Damage, defender of human nature as God created it


OBITUARY/”I believe in the beauty of Latin”: Remembering Reginald Foster, OCD by John Byron Kuhner, Paideia Institute, Rome

SCRIPTURE/No mere romance – The Gospel story of the finding of Jesus by Prof. Anthony Esolen, Magdalen College, New Hampshire, USA 

EDUCATION/University of Mary in North Dakota by University of Mary President Msgr. James Shea


Icon/The Prayer of Sts. Joachim and Anna by Robert Wiesner 

East-West Watch/Different approaches to politics: The Orthodox in Serbia by Peter Anderson

News from the East/Continuing conflict over Ukrainian Orthodox Church by Becky Derks


Art/The Sistine Chapel Seen as Never Before — Splendid New Photographs by Lucy Gordan

Book/Selection from Lord of the World (originally published in 1907) by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson

Vatican Watch/A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events: November and December by Becky Derks

People/Nuncio to India Archbishop Diquattro departs; new bishop in China by Becky Derks

Food for Thought/Italy’s food and chefs through a photographer’s lens by Mother Martha