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A “Penned-In” Pope by Robert Moynihan


BENEDICT TURNS 95: Reflecting on the Remarkable Influence of Joseph Ratzinger by ITV staff 

The Last True Liberal in Europe by Anthony Esolen 

“I appreciate his quiet humility” by Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM Cap

Pope Benedict’s Encyclicals by Paschal M. Corby, OFM Conv

The Newman of Our Era by Tracey Rowland

The Benedict-Francis Alliance by William Doino, Jr.

Family as a Key to Reading Benedict’s Pontificate and Life by Andrea Gagliarducci 

Did Ratzinger really cover up abuse scandals? by Michael Hesemann 

“I was struck by his warmth, gentleness and wit” by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone 

Benedict’s Diagnosis of the Faltering Church in Ireland by Dualta Roughneen 


China/Chinese government sets sights on Hong Kong Catholics by UCA News/ITV staff

Hong Kong/Cardinal Zen’s “Crimes” by ITV staff 

Luxembourg/Time to change Church doctrine on homosexuality? by CNS 

Italy/Pope Francis interviewed on Italian TV by ITV staff

Vatican/New stage of the Francis pontificate begins by ITV staff


Commentary/Archbishop Roche: “The Traditional Mass must go” by James Baresel 

Commentary/Is the Pope Really “The Head of the Catholic Church?” by James Bogle

OBITUARY/Dr. Alice von Hildebrand: Catholic Feminist and Apostle of Truth by Fr. Gerald Murray/ITV staff 

A Shining Example of the “Feminine Genius” by Christina Deardurff

The Heart of Alice von Hildebrand by John Henry Crosby 

Review/Bishop Schneider’s The Catholic Mass: Steps to Restore the Centrality of God – by Leila Marie Lawler 

Footsteps on the Way/Ireland: A Land of Saints and Scholars by ITV staff

Education/The Tyranny of the Modern College Campus by Michael F. McLean, Ph.D. 

Latin/Pope Benedict’s Resignation Speech: What did it really say in Latin? by John Byron Kuhner 

Scripture/He Who Is by Anthony Esolen, Ph.D. 


Icon/The Ultimate Family Reunion by Robert Wiesner

East-West Watch/The Orthodox and National Churches by Peter Anderson 

News from the East/Russian Patriarch condemns vaccine segregation; Vatican-Moscow summit; Jerusalem Patriarch on “status quo”; Kazakhstan Metropolitan: “Stop the confrontation” by Matthew Trojacek


Art/Plautilla Bricci: Italy’s First Woman Architect by Lucy Gordan 

Lord of the World/Felsenburgh is appointed President of Europe by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson 

Vatican Watch/A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events: December 2021-January 2022 by Matthew Trojacek 

People/Xi calls for more Marxism; Vietnam’s new priests; Pope John Paul I to be beatified by Matthew Trojacek

Food for Thought/The Lenten Cookbook by Mother Martha